About The Coach
It’s no surprise that Marsha’s path would cross with the world of personal finance. As a teen Marsha understood the power or lack thereof as it relates to money. Dissatisfied with the promotion and marketing of the latest gadget or fashion trend, in comparison to the lack of financial education, Marsha had a desire to turn a delicate often confusing topic into one that could be fun and easily understandable. Prepared to take a knee deep approach in the trenches, Marsha prides herself in remaining readily available to discuss money matters with anyone committed to listen.

Wholeheartedly, Marsha believes that over-consumption of debt has the potential to welcome stress, and cripple families. Often cringing at the words “struggling, and poverty” she is often saddened by the woes of our world as a result of lack of knowledge, an unstable economy, and excessive unemployment rates. Fascinated by the ability of sacrifice and self-preparation for the future, Marsha is positive about the future of her family, friends, colleagues, clients, and listeners.

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Financial Empowerment is dedicated to providing financial education and coaching to women, young adults, and children. FE offers educational programs, seminars, and sessions covering various personal finance topics to include: Saving, Budgeting, Debt Management, Credit Control, and Small Business-Consulting.

Financial Empowerment is not a credit repair organization and does not create debt repayment plans, negotiate debts for its clients, or sell financial products of any type.